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The absorption of ICP DAS Co., Ltd. is to develop cost effective solutions to the industries. In recent years, the significance of communication is expanding exponentially. It is not only people who communicate via internet or telecommunication technologies, but also machines. The technology which allows you to connect your physical resources online is also called M2M Technology. From home application to large scale industrial machines, there are millions of machines waited to be connected online. The advancement in GSM and GPRS technologies has enabled wireless integration with wired-machines more affordable & effective then ever. The live applications are showed below.

2G/3G Total Solution


Steel Factory Transportation Management System


GT-530 SMS System on CNC Machine


ZigBee Wireless Applications


Temperature Monitoring System

There are many reasons could cause great damage in a running train. For example, the over heated train shaft would cause serious harm.  For security reason, Train Shaft Temperature Monitoring System is developed by ICP DAS.  We placed infrared temperature sensors around shafts, and these sensors are connected to G-4500 series (M2M Mini-Programmable Automation Control). G-4500 controller will transmit data via GPRS service to Internet back to control center in real-time.  With the shaft temperature system, control center would notice over heated shaft easily and send alarm message to train immediately in order to avoid the danger situation.

Street Lamp Monitor System

ICP DAS has developed and deployed an effective solution for the purpose of remote monitoring of street lamp.  In each control boxes of street lamp, we placed a WinPAC (Windows CE embedded Programmable Automation Controller) and I/O Modules to acquire data from control box.  All data will be transmitted back to control center in real-time by using GTM-201-USB (Industrial Quad-band GPRS/GSM Modem).  With the Street Lamp Monitor System, it is possible to maintaining and monitoring each street lamp instantaneously.

Vending / Gaming Machine Monitor
Generally, the vending machines or gaming machine are spreading out in many locations.  To maintain each machine would cost great time and labor. ICP DAS invents a Gaming / Vending Machine Monitor and Report System to undo the problem of machine maintaining.  Each machine has a GT-530 or GT-534 (Intelligent SMS/GSM Alarm Controller) inside itself.  Once the specific circumstances occurred (for example, vending machine ran out of drink), GT-530/GT-534 will automatically send either SMS or voice message to users in program list.  After user receives message from controller, user can send some one over to solve the problem.
Factory Wireless Solution
ZB Series is the newest ZigBee Network converters and I/O modules. ZB Series is not only complies with the RoHS Directive but also conforms with IEEE802.15.4 wireless communication standard. Through ZB-2570 (Master) and ZB-2571 (Slave), users may easily build a wireless RS-232/RS485/Ethernet network in a most efficient way. It supports ad-hoc, stat, and mesh network topology, and coexist with 65535 nodes. The communication distance is up to 100 meters (700 meters with enhanced antenna). In some existing systems that use a RS-485/RS-232 network, it is sometimes difficult to extend the new devices due to building structure issues, wiring problems or other reasons. The ZB series can be easily added to an existing system in order to extend your network.
Data and Position Monitor System
The mini-style G-4500 series is a compact programmable automation controller with a GPRS/GSM antenna built-in. By using G-4500 series, user can easily acquire data from any site without wiring limitation. G-4500 can also combine with a GPS module which allows user to monitor the location of moving transportations. To replace the G-4500 on a vehicle or ship, users not only monitor its position but also manage the oil consumption.

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