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Poultry farming is an important field in the agricultural industry. Each year, over 50 billion chickens and chicken eggs are consumed worldwide. Since poultry farming is a delicate process, it is crucial to have effective equipments to ensure the process of inspecting chicken feed and eggs, and the overall sanitizing procedure are done properly and efficiently. Technical equipments such as mechanized egg washing apparatus, automatic feeder, slaughter machines and animal inventory devices have to be chosen carefully in order to fulfill the demands for safe farming. Accordingly, AAEON's extensive experience in all areas of facility management, industrial control, and HMI has met the demands of the industrial automation market for the past twenty years.

Environmental Monitoring

In order to ensure the safety of all humans and animals, environmental standards should be consistently employed. AAEON's touch panel computer, AHP-1122, can be placed at the back of the farm where it displays the environmental temperatures of the farm. The COM ports and LAN ports assure the stability while the IP-65 certified front panel keeps away water and dust.

Automatic Feed

The reliability and timeliness of the automatic feed for animals are important, as it helps maintain their health and lowers mortality rate. AAEON's PC/104 module PFM-LNP supports power supply voltage, fan speed and temperature monitoring for additional support. AAEON's compact board PCM-LN02 uses COM ports to receive feed data and to control the allocation of the animal feed.


With heavy machinery constantly being operated, the facility needs to be on alert to ensure everyone's safety. AAEON's COM-TC is ideal for security applications with its hardware and video decode/encode accelerator. Adding a digital camera to COM-TC, which supports H.264 and MPEG4 graphics, allows the facility to ensure the safety of its corridors. With an ultra-low power chipset and a fanless design, the COM-TC will minimize energy usage. As a computer-on-module, the COM-TC can be integrated with a customized carrier board to provide a custom fit at a lower cost and a quicker factory-to-market time frame, while providing upgradeable long lifecycle management. Furthermore, the Energy Star certified GCS-1500i has four Gigabit Ethernet ports to ensure the stability of the security team. The EMB-A50M offers stunning HD graphics for HDMI and DVI which heightens the quality of the video. Moreover, an emergency button can be implemented through the DIO connector.

Chicken Slaughter machine

Chicken slaughter is an unpleasant but necessary part of farms. Since billions of chickens are consumed worldwide, effective yet painless slaughter machines are widely sought after. AAEON's AFP-6152 and AHP-1122 are IP-66 and IP-65 certified respectively, which guarantees a water-resistant environment. With a stainless steel chassis, AFP-6152 decreases the probability of the chickens coming into contact with a virus. The GENE-CV05 offers six COM ports and six USB2.0 ports that can easily be connected to slaughter devices for flexibility.

Egg Inspection

Since there could be numerous pathogens in the farms, it is important to ensure that the eggs are properly cleaned. The IMBI-Q57 can be embedded into an IP-65 or IP-67 system to clean the eggs, as its eight USB ports and two COM ports give this industrial motherboard multiple I/O peripheral options. AAEON's EMB-LN8T connects to the monitor by the use of DVI, while a connected camera via USB enables the workers to oversee the egg cleaning process. After the eggs undergo the sanitizing process, an assembly line of farm workers would inspect and dispose of the bad or broken eggs.

Pick-up Orders

Customers can ultimately buy fresh meat and eggs after the produce has been cleaned and inspected. At the warehouse, workers can utilize the rugged and mobile RTC-1000AS for inventory purposes. By using the CompactFlash™ slot for the RFID reader, workers can collect data on orders. The inventory information is transferred through WiFi via the integrated antenna, and the details are documented by the manager. The EMB-LN9T (Rev.B) is also equipped with a dual Gigabit Ethernet to ensure secure connections so customers can easily order poultry and eggs online for faster service as well.

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