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As you walk into a bank, you may not realize it, but there are many applications to be found. Machines and systems that we use, or are in use in our everyday lives such as Kiosks, Security Monitoring, ATMs, Digital Signage, and Overall System Databases all assist us in some manner. Imagine the possibilities, the convenience, and the costs that would be saved by implementing one of these systems at your facility.


These interactive kiosks give the public what they need: reduced wait time, public and helpful information, and even transactions. Kiosks can even display media for informative articles and assistive videos. Overall, Kiosks provide multi-functional services that benefit all customers.

Security Monitoring:

In terms of security monitoring, you can place cameras at the entrance and in the entity of the bank. Cameras can effortlessly track the surroundings to ensure that the safety of your customers is always a priority.


Automated Teller Machines are handy in achieving quick, online transactions for withdrawing and depositing cash and checks. However, adding more features such as coin deposit areas, ticket and receipt printing and credit card readers are essential aspects of ATMs that can easily be installed as well.

Digital Signage:

This network can be used to give information about your bank’s services, as well as financial and general economic news. As customers wait in line, displays in key locations can loop bank-specific products, news and service information, and provide valuable tips for customers. By constructing a pleasant, informative environment, you ensure that your customers will walk away with useful information that will help them during their visit and process at the bank.

Overall System:

A central management system can easily be operated to manage data circulating throughout the bank. AAEON’s Cloud Computing Technology is a prime example on how eight PCs can connect to one server to save money, software and 40% energy to make life easier on banking applications.

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