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The zoo is an extraordinary place to interact with exotic and exciting animals. There is no greater opportunity to see different species of animals from all over the world than at the zoo. Visitors can often feed baby animals, watch penguins swim and enjoy the sights of the animal habitat.

Control Room / Security / Surveillance:

The Control Room manages the core of the zoo's operations. Safety measures have to be implemented to protect the zoo's animals and visitors. For security and surveillance issues, AAEON's AEC-6872 is ideal to be placed in the control room. By utilizing a Video-in connector on this embedded controller, all that is needed is to add an IP Cam and a Capture Card to the AEC-6611 to monitor the premises of the zoo.

ATM / Kiosk / Ticket Machine:

Kiosks have rapidly been established worldwide with optimal results in key locations. Here, customers can use kiosks for ATM services, buy tickets for entrance fees and find general information about the zoo. Cascade networking enables multiple kiosk screens to be linked to each other. The PC connects the video/audio cable to the AAEON ACG-203. The monitor then transmits the signal to other monitors by the cascade network. Multiple monitors are connected by network cables and thanks to the WiFi module in AAEON's embedded controller AEC-6635, visitors can download a map of the zoo, as well as take pictures and download data with the help of the GPS module.

Vending Machine:

Vending machines give out items such as snacks and beverages automatically to its customers. In order to supply copious amenities to the zoo's customers, a compact board with multiple expansion and I/O interfaces is needed. AAEON's PCM-LN02 contains GPIO chips that can be used as sensors for the machine's cash box: an alarm will sound in the event of theft. The PCM-LN02 uses COM ports to compute how many items are left in the vending machines and to control which slot the item comes out of. The PCM-LN02, via USB, also utilizes the coin reader, which transfers how much change the machine will give to the customer. For items with age restrictions, the PCM-LN2 can use the RFID tag as a sensor through USB to confirm the consumer's age. Moreover, it is possible to display advertisements in vending machines as well. To show commercials on a loop, 1-2 monitors with LVDS interfaces can be attached to the vending machines.

Animal Monitoring:

For safety reasons, it is important to monitor the surroundings in a zoo to ensure their well-being. Approximately 500 animals in the Taipei zoo alone have died in the last three years, so it is critical to view their environment. AAEON's RTC-1000A, handheld tablet computer, acts as an aid to check the animal's conditions. This mobile, rugged product can be carried by zookeepers as they walk from gate to gate and using the CompactFlash™ slot for the RFID reader, each user can collect pertinent data. Information such as the animals' vitals is transferred through WiFi in the integrated antenna and the details of the animal's condition are then sent to the Control Room and documented by the zoo manager.

Restaurant Menus:

Restaurant ordering has become revolutionized thanks to the digitalized and multi-touch menus. These interactive menus offer entertainment to customers such as games and music, depict HD quality images of the food, provide a terrific venue for promotions and are able to reach the servers for the check in a short amount of time. Customers can decide upon food choices leisurely and order with a fast click on the multi-touch screens. Thus, the menus help increase the amount of people interested in the restaurants for the fast service and pleasant atmosphere. The items on the menu are chosen on the hand-held tablet RTC-1000AS, where the selections are sent via WiFi to the monitors in the kitchen. AAEON's AEC-6612 and AEC-6620 at the counter of the restaurant are connected to the monitors, where the cooks can see what the customers have ordered. Compared to the average computer, AAEON's embedded controllers AEC-6612 and AEC-6620 are compact, economical and high-performing, which make them ideal solutions that are easily embedded for the restaurant industry. While the customers are waiting for their food, they can play games or surf online on the RTC-1000AS.

Digital Signage:

AAEON's remote display, ACD-521R, helps the zoo display information about the animals and upcoming events. The host PC transmits the audio/video cable to AAEON's ACG-203 via TCP/IP network. The ACG-203 then connects to multiple ACD-521R monitors in the zoo to exhibit news and advertisements in the zoo. A fantastic way to snap pictures of the zoo is to relax on a train ride that extends throughout the zoo. The tour guide on the train can disclose interesting facts about the animals via microphone with the Line-in/Line-out/Mic-in Audio jack.

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