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While at sea, it is often necessary to have networking devices that possess rugged and water-resistant qualities. AAEON's IP-67 and maritime certified products are ideal for efficient nautical operations. Initially, ships are docked at the harbor's port for needed preparations. The harbor is comprised of container terminals, ships and cranes that move the containers to their respective places. These containers, that need to be transported, are stacked within the container and military ships. To coordinate these logistics, one can easily look to AAEON products.

Control Room:

While in the ship's control room, the crew relies on durable equipment to monitor the safety and status of their surroundings. AAEON's SBC GENE-TC05 can be easily embedded into the panel pc, AHP-1081, by LVDS for a fully functional IP-65 computer. Onscreen, the crew is able to view the temperatures and possible threats of their surroundings, as well as the status of the equipment. In case of equipment failure or impending dangers in the water, the emergency sensors on the AHP-1081 will sound to alert the crew.

Wireless Controller:

To ensure accuracy, it is vital to verify the packed contents of the containers before they are boarded onto the ships. AAEON's mobile tablet computer, RTC-1000i, helps to check for accuracy in the container terminals. When everything is shipped to the warehouse adjacent to the harbor, workers will check meticulously to ensure that all of the products are accounted for. The workers are able to scan the contents by attaching an external bar code scanner into the RTC-1000i USB slot. As the product information appears on the RTC-1000i screen, workers confirm the validity of the product statements.

Container Cranes:

Container cranes are controlled by operators that are in a cabin from the trolley. These cranes are capable of shifting as many as four 20-foot containers onto the ship. The single board computer, GENE-TC05, at the center of the crane, is linked to a rugged display monitor, ACG-203, through LVDS. The monitors depict a clear picture of the containers as the crane shifts them onto the ship. Since the ACG-203 is equipped with anti-shock and anti-vibration properties, it will easily withstand the rumblings from the crane. AAEON's IP-67 and Marine IEC60945 ed.4 compliant display, FOX-12R, is also prominently mounted to keep track of all of the containers. The FOX-12R has a hot key for the correct container placements as well as emergency sensors in case of equipment failure.

Digital Signage:

During long voyages out at sea, there is no better way to relax than watching the news or enjoying a film on a HD-quality screen. AAEON's IMBI-QM57 highlights the Intel® Core i5/i7 processor, which with its integrated graphic options display, makes it ideal for Digital Signage projects. It supports HD display through VGA, DVI or HDMI and is offered as an open frame unit to be easily mounted in an enclosure for infotainment on the ship.


For entertainment purposes, crews at sea can play a friendly round of arcade games. AAEON's motherboards IMBA-967 and EMB-QM67 feature Intel® Integrated GPU for the optimal gaming experience. The Intel® processors support high performance levels for arcade games. With DVI and HDMI graphics support, the users are able to enjoy stunning lag-free graphics. Moreover, multiple expansion slots are available for wireless game card functions, as well as extended graphic cards to add accessories to the games. To increase competitiveness, the crew can upload the top scores online via LAN to the database to compare and contrast top marks.

Network Manager:

Maritime operations require secure tools for safe communication. The hub with AAEON's embedded controller AEC-6831 will link the ship to its on-land counterparts for optimization within fleet management and IT services. The AEC-6831 can be easily customized with software and internet, among other applications to accommodate the requirements of maritime operations. This embedded controller can be used as an effective communication box, with shipboard LANs for the crew, maintenance, and IT management as well as shipboard phones to boost the crew's morale.

Vending Machine:

Vending machines are placed in the restaurant and all around the ship for grab-and-go food and drink items. In order to supply copious amenities to customers, a compact board with multiple expansion and I/O interfaces is needed. AAEON's PCM-LN02 uses COM ports to compute how many items are left in the vending machines and to control which slot the item comes out of. The PCM-LN02, via USB, also utilizes the coin reader, which transfers how much change the machine will give to the customer.


Safety measures have to be implemented to protect the crew while aboard the ship and while the ship is docked. For security and surveillance issues, AAEON's embedded controller, AEC-6872, is ideal to be placed in the control room. By utilizing a Video-in connector, all that is needed is to add an IP Cam and a Capture Card to the AEC-6611 or AEC-6612 to monitor the premises of the harbor/shipyard.

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