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  • New Product: WF-2026 Wi-Fi I/O module with 5-ch AI, 2-ch AO, 2-ch DI and 3-ch DO
  • The WF-2026 is a multifunction module with Wi-Fi interface that includes 5 analog input channels, 2 analog output channels, 2 digital input channels and 3 digital output channels. It provides a programmable input range on all analog input (+/-150 mV, +/-500 mV, +/-1 V, +/-5 V, +/-10 V, +/-20 mA or 0 to +20 mA) and output range on all analog output (12-bit at +/-5 V, +/-10 V, 0 to +20 mA or +4 to +20 mA). Each analog input and output channel can be configured for an individual range and provides a high overvoltage protection of 240 Vrms. Analog Input and output can be jumper selectable as either voltage or current.

    With the popularity of 802.11 network infrastructure, the WF-2026 makes an easy way to incorporate wireless connectivity into monitoring and control systems. The WF-2026 also supports Modbus/TCP and UDP protocols and the network encryption configuration, which makes perfect integration to SCADA software and offer easy and safe access for users from anytime and anywhere.


  • Multifunction (5 AI, 2 AO, 2 DI and 3 DO)
  • Individual Channel Configuration
  • Jumper Selectable Voltage or Current Input/Output
  • Configurable Power-on and Safe Value Settings
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g standards
  • Support WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption
  • Support Modbus/TCP and UDP protocols
  • Support DHCP network configuration
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protection for Digital Output
  • 240 Vrms Overvoltage Protection for Voltage Input
  • ±4 kV Contact ESD Protection
  • Built-in Watchdog
  • Utility Feature:
    • Provide automatic search functionality
    • Provide Analog / Digital Input and Output monitor and configuration interfaces
    • Provide wireless encryption configuration
  • ICP DAS Wi-Fi Digital I/O Products Table